Standards That Think Ahead.

The success of Canyon is built on the successful delivery of services to our customers. Though each project is different, they’re all founded on the same principle: an industry standard built on proven systems, collaboration, teamwork, forward thinking and sustainability.

Feeder Line 6 – Salt Lake City, Utah

Canyon Pipeline’s Feeder Line 6 project is a high pressure natural gas pipe replacement job that runs from approximately 3300 South in Salt Lake City to the top of Draper’s Corner Canyon between Salt Lake and Utah Counties. The nearly 95,288 foot length of 12” high pressure steel pipe runs through a variety of state and neighborhood roads as well as traversing a few canyons. Canyon is providing the full range of construction services: project engineering, milling, traffic control, excavation, welding, pipe installation, trench backfill, asphalt and concrete paving, landscape and forested area restoration, coordination with the public and municipalities, etc.

Feeder Line Replacement – U.S. 89, Utah

On this project, Canyon replaced approximately 18 miles of high pressure feeder line with new 12-inch-diameter steel pipe along U.S. 89 from Alpine to Provo.

Since U.S. 89 is one of Utah County’s few continuous north-south routes, the project had potential to cause significant traffic delays. Coordination with Utah Department of Transportation was critical to identifying the installation methods and traffic control measures to keep traffic moving.

Most construction that required lane closures was done at night. Lanes then re-opened during the day. Movable barriers were used in some work zones to allow opening lanes during peak travel times. In other areas, directional boring was used to eliminate the need to dig open trenches, which helped minimize the impact to traffic on heavily travelled stretches. These installation methods, in addition to the careful determination of hours of operation based on traffic analysis, resulted in very few complaints from local businesses and residents. The project was also a top three finalist for UDOT’s Keeping Utah Moving Award in the Team category.