Achieving world-class safety begins with establishing safety ownership at all levels within the organization. Our unique Think SAFE program is a safety observation initiative that engages everyone from our Executive Leadership Team to our frontline team. Through Think SAFE visits and activities, leaders at all levels encourage safety-focused dialogue with crew members. Crew members take turns in the role of Lead Safety Observer where they record observed safety behaviors to reinforce positive actions and identify the need for corrective action in a peer-to-peer setting. Overall, this program encourages employees to open direct and meaningful lines of communication to promote safety awareness on all job sites at all times.

ThinkSAFE graphic featuring four arrows in a circle with the following words; Educate, Stop, Ask, and Fix

Think SAFE observations and activities are recorded and analyzed, resulting in a valuable tool and data that identify leading indicators and opportunities for improvement that can be shared across Centuri Group’s operating companies.