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Close up of hooks, clips and rigging

Innovation Enabled by Partnership

November 2022 in UT Canyon Pipeline
Close up of hooks, clips and rigging

Other Safety Innovations

Project Innovation Partnership John Deere 210 Track Boom

Working with a legend in construction, Canyon helped develop the John Deere 210 Track Boom that gives a cab the ability to rotate side to side. Decreasing moves and turns eliminates risk, and it also reduces damage to the road.

Project Innovation Partnership Pipe Skid

Canyon created the pipe skid to avoid another big safety risk. The pipe skid eliminates crews from climbing onto flat-bed trailers to unload pipe to ground level.

Project Innovation Partnership Road Plates

Milling down one inch allows for a steel plate to lay flat on a road surface eliminating sound and possible damage to vehicles. Since Canyon developed this, it has been adopted as a standard practice around Utah.