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Corporate Governance

Centuri strives to create workplaces where people feel empowered to bring their full, authentic selves to work.

Empowered for Success

Our strength as an organization is, in part, due to how we leverage our differences and the individual experiences and ideas of all employees. Most importantly, creating an environment where everyone, from any background, can do their best work is the right thing to do.

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Our Employee Code of Business Conduct and Ethics summarizes Centuri’s expectations for employees in the workplace. Instances when the code of conduct is violated are met with immediate action. We hold similar expectations for our suppliers and require our partners to sign and adhere to our Vendor Code of Conduct.


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Giving Employees a Voice

We encourage our employees to report any instances of misconduct in the workplace through the Centuri Ethics Helpline. This helpline provides resources and avenues for reporting inappropriate workplace behavior. Every report is confidential and is treated and reviewed with the utmost seriousness.

Governance Policies