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Our History

Centuri is proud to have an operating history of more than 113 years.

Over a Centuri of Service

As a long-term strategy for continued growth into new geographies and service markets, Centuri was created in 2014 as a holding company for NPL and NPL Canada. Since then, the Centuri family of companies has grown both organically and with the acquisitions of multiple natural gas and electric infrastructure services companies. But the roots of our combined family date back to the early 20th century. Join us on a journey through Centuri’s history.

Centuri History 1909 Rd Sheet Metal Shop


A Century of Service Begins

Centuri’s most recent and transformational acquisition in 2021, Riggs Distler was founded as Riggs-Linthicum Company in July 1909. Founded by T. Dudley Riggs, Charles M. Linthicum, and George S. Linthicum, with Charles Linthicum as President, the new company’s mission was to represent manufacturers in the sale of materials for “buildings, railroads, and other purposes.”

Riggs Distler Seal LogoThree years after founding the company, it was rebranded as Riggs Distler and Company, Inc. with John Distler as President.

Over the years, Riggs Distler helped construct some of the most notable buildings in the United States, including the Empire State Building, U.S. Supreme Court, Federal Reserve Building, Library of Congress, Internal Revenue Service headquarters, Breakers Hotel, National Constitution Center, and hundreds of power plants, government facilities, refineries, and industrial facilities throughout the Eastern United States.

Centuri History 1967 Npls First Gas Customer


NPL is Founded

With the prospect of building a company where people could work, raise families, and become members of their communities rather than living a nomadic pipeliner lifestyle, Noel Coon founded NPL in Gonvick, Minnesota, as Northern Gasline Constructors in 1967. The company was renamed NPL Construction Co. in 1983 to reflect its geographic footprint and vision for growth.

NPL’s very first jobs were connecting local farmhouses to natural gas lines, and that same year NPL was awarded work with its first customer, North Star Natural Gas. Over 50 years later, NPL still serves its first utility customer, now known as Minnesota Energy Resources (MERC), and has grown exponentially to serve utilities from coast to coast. (NOTE – pictured above and in the file)

Centuri Northern Gasline Logo

Centuri History 1972 Neuco Begins


Neuco Begins

Coming from a long line of entrepreneurs, founder Edward Bond Jr. ventured outside his family’s successful construction business to establish New England Utility Constructors (Neuco) in April 1972. Neuco started as a rental company, renting out crew trucks, compactors, and other small equipment to construction companies.

Neuco quickly progressed to performing civil utility and electrical work in the Boston area, adding natural gas distribution main and service work to its menu of services within four years.

With steady growth and earning a reputation for excellence throughout the years, Neuco joined the Centuri family of companies in 2017.

Neuco Old Logo

Centuri History 1987 Npl Moves To Phoenix


NPL Moves to Phoenix, AZ

With a focus on national growth, Centuri’s first operating company, NPL, kept its Minnesota office and relocated the corporate headquarters to Phoenix, AZ.

NPL’s move to the Southwest had modest beginnings with crews doing a lot of bore work for TV cable in the early 80s. That soon transitioned to hiring and training with the goal of getting on the Arizona Public Service bid list for gas work. In the mid-80s that goal was achieved when NPL was awarded its first blanket gas contract in Arizona for new residential construction with APS. During those same years, NPL started work for Southwest Gas in Phoenix and Tucson.

Centuri Pregnant P Logo


NPL Canada Established

Linkline CircleLink-Line Construction, a small gas distribution and utility contractor in Southern Ontario, Canada. Link-Line earned its first Alliance relationship in 1999 and grew to become the Link-Line Group of Companies with the acquisition of W.S. Nicholls Construction (now WSN Construction) in 2009. Over the years, the company became one of Canada’s premier underground utility contractors with an industry-leading reputation for safety, quality, and customer relationships.

Link-Line was acquired by NPL in 2014 shortly before Centuri was established. Later in 2016, Link-Line took on the name NPL Canada.

Centuri History 1994 Npl Canada Established

Centuri History 1996 Npl Acquired By Sw Gas


NPL is Acquired by Southwest Gas

In 1996, NPL’s owner Noel Coon decided to sell the company to its largest customer Southwest Gas. At the time, Southwest Gas accounted for 40% of NPL’s $117 million revenue. Coon sold to Southwest Gas not because they made the highest offer, but because he knew NPL’s identity and culture would be preserved.

NPL becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of Southwest Gas Corporation, following the completion of the $24 million acquisition.

Centuri Southwest Gas Horz Logo

Centuri History 2008 National Powerline Formed


National Powerline is Formed

In 2008, National Powerline is established as the electrical division of NPL, serving electric utility companies in the Western United States. Early signs of recession and impeding housing market crash prompt NPL to begin shifting focus from new construction to replacement work.

National Powerline Horizontal Logo

Commitment to Diversity and Community

From workforce development programs to volunteerism and philanthropy, Centuri companies have long traditions of giving back in the communities where we work and live. That includes a strong commitment to inclusion that we act upon through outreach and mentorship with diverse suppliers. Our first supplier diversity program began in 2009 as a partnership between NPL and Nicor Gas. It has since grown to become the gold standard for the industry and serves as a model across the Centuri family.

Npl Primary Logo                   Nicor Gas Logo

Centuri History 2000 2010 Strategic Alliances


Strategic Alliances

Throughout the early 2000s, NPL pioneered formal Strategic Alliances with key customers to meet the changing and long-term needs of capital spend growth and our ability to supply a consistent and qualified workforce.

These Alliances continue to this day, and long-term strategic partnership is at the core of what differentiates Centuri from our peers.

Dominion Energy Logo

Enbridge Logo

Nicor Gas Logo

Centuri History 2010 2012 Record Growth In Gas
Centuri Economy Icon


Record Growth in Gas

On September 9, 2010, a tragic gas pipeline explosion in San Bruno, California, caused the destruction of a community and multiple deaths. In response, utilities across the U.S. and Canada prioritized the replacement of aging natural gas distribution infrastructure.

As a trusted partner to utility customers, Centuri was ready to meet the demand, and revenue reached $500 million resulting from the increased investment in regulatory-driven utility infrastructure programs.

Centuri story displayed on a wall in a hallway with different images from Centuri over the years


Centuri Construction Group is Formed

With a 100-year vision for growth and diversification, Centuri Construction Group, Inc. is established as a holding company for NPL and recently acquired Link-Line Group of Companies (later renamed NPL Canada).

The Link-Line Group was comprised of Link-Line Contractors, serving the utility market in Ontario, with W.S. Nicholls and its affiliates offering industrial construction, fabrication, and civil services in Ontario and British Columbia.

With the addition of Link-Line, Centuri became one of the largest gas distribution contractors in North America, with revenue reaching $1 billion in the first full year of the combined companies in 2015.

Centuri Primary Logo HorizontalCenturi Primary Logo Horizontal

Npl Primary Logo

Linkline Logo

Centuri History 2015 Canyon Pipeline Formed


Canyon Pipeline is Formed

Canyon Pipeline is established as an non-union pipeline contractor supporting the Feeder Line project in Utah for Questar, now known as Dominion Energy.

Although formed in 2015, the Dominion/Canyon relationship was a strategic alliance from its start in 2006. This collaborative and integrated partnership enabled the Feeder Line team to focus on safety, quality, productivity, and cost performance. Over a million feet of pipe have been installed as a result of this strategic partnership.



Centuri History 2017 Geographic Expansion


Geographic Expansion

Centuri expanded the geographic reach of its non-union gas operations in the U.S. to include New England with the acquisition of New England Utility Constructors, Inc. (Neuco).

The acquisition of Neuco was a key advancement toward Centuri’s goals for strategic growth. With Neuco’s unwavering commitment to safety and quality, matched with a strong leadership team and long-standing customer relationships, Neuco provided Centuri with a scalable presence in the Northeast, with a strong future for continued gas and electric construction workload for years to come.

Neuco Primary Logo

$1.5 billion

In 2017, Centuri’s revenue grows to $1.5 billion with 98% of its work in gas distribution.

Centuri History 2018 Electric Market Growth


Electric Market Growth

Centuri makes its first major expansion into the electric transmission and distribution market and expands its geographic reach into the Mid-Atltantic, Gulf Coast, and Midwest regions with the acquisition of Linetec Services.

Established in 2014, Linetec had quickly become a premier electric T&D operation with a growing position in their operating areas with an outstanding team of employees and strong utility customer relationships.

Linetec Services Primary Logo

Ranked #12

In 2018, Centuri is ranked #12 in ENR’s Top 600 Specialty Contractors based on revenue.

Centuri History 2021 Trasformational Acquisition


Transformational Acquisition and Entry into Renewables

Centuri completes the transformational aquisition of Riggs Distler, gaining a strong union electric platform enabling new service offerings to combination utility customers and expanded geographic reach in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.

A big first step into the emerging offshore wind industry, Riggs Distler is selected as a general contractor to provide a broad range of onshore heavy civil, mechanical, and electrical services for New York’s largest offshore wind project, Sunrise Wind. This project has the capacity to power nearly 600,000 homes with approximately 880 Megawatts of renewable energy.


Riggs Distler Stacked Logo

2021 ESG

Centuri’s executive leadership publishes a formal commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in support of increasing focus on sustainability and ESG values. Centuri’s inaugural Sustainability Report is released in 2021.



Centuri’s business mix is now evenly balanced between gas and electric, transforming the Company and opening doors to renewable energy and 5G services.

Centuri History 2022 New Chapter


A New Chapter for Centuri


Centuri reaches $2.5 billion in diversified revenue across 43 states and 2 provinces with over 11,000 employees.


As part of a growing emphasis on environmental stewardship, Centuri sets a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 25% by 2030.


Centuri is climbs ENR’s rankings to #3 Utility Contractor on the Top 600 Specialty Contractors.


In February 2022, Southwest Gas Holdings announces its intent to separate Centuri.